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If you like to share your love of Greyhounds with others, or have something funny or interesting to share, the Greyhounds Make Great Pets forum is for you! Registration is free, and there are topics on nearly every Greyhound interest.

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GMGP's delightful logo is available on oodles of cool goodies! Scooter, created by Greyhound Studies, is working hard to help all hounds, so a portion of all sales is donated to the Morris Animal Foundation. To view the collection click Here.



Special Episodes

While the holiday season has passed for 2010, it's never the wrong time to be educated about some of the hazards facing our hounds during that busy and often stressful time. Our GMGP crew created a greyt episode addressing some issues that can be dangerous to your hound during the holiday hustle and bustle. You can catch this informative episode HERE .

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When a Greyhound gets through an open door or an open gate, it can be a traumatic event for both hound and human alike. In this episode, the Roo Crew has put together some tools to get your grey safely back home. Listen to the show HERE .

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Greyhounds Make Great Pets

"The Voice of Greyhounds"

Or "GMGP" for short, was designed with the Greyhound lover in mind. The "Roo Crew" hosts a variety of educational and fun radio shows, and many of the archived episodes can be found HERE.

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Stay tuned for lots more from the Greyhounds Make Great Pets crew in the near future-there's sure to be a forum topic to catch your eye, or a radio show you won't want to miss!

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