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The purpose of Greyhound Pets of America(GPA) is to find responsible loving homes for Greyhounds, to acquaint the public with the desirability of Greyhounds as pets, and to inform them of the availability of Greyhounds for adoption.


Greyhound Pets of America Greyhounds are primarily ex-athletes from various racetracks around the country. The breed is noted for being very gentle and non-confrontational. They are very adaptable upon adoption, and fit very well into all walks of life.

Greyhound Pets of America was founded in 1987 to find homes for racing greyhounds when their racing careers were finished. Through the support of our volunteers and countless hours that they have given, GPA and its chapters have assisted in the placement of over 100,000 greyhounds to homes throughout the country. In October, 2018, the National Board of Directors passed an important by-law change in which GPA Inc. openly supports responsible Greyhound Racing. Each individual chapter may either promote that stance or choose to remain neutral on the sport. 

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