National FAQs and Contacts

Greyhound Pets of America is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation founded in 1987, and is the largest single non-profit Greyhound adoption group worldwide. Since opening its doors in 1987, Greyhound Pets of America Chapters have worked together to adopt over 80,000 Greyhounds into loving homes. From its earliest beginnings, GPA's history has been one filled with individuals willing to pioneer the idea of Greyhounds as pets. To read more about the history of Greyhound adoption, the early movement here in the United States (including the "birth" of GPA) and the people committed to educating the public on the incredible nature of the breed, click HERE.

GPA/National is comprised of 5 Officers, a Compliance Officer, and a Board consisting of one representative from every Full Chapter.
You may contact National at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Special Message from GPA National:

As many of our chapters know, GPA National has in the past been contacted by adopters involved in adoption contract disputes with one of our chapters. GPA National's By-Laws do not give the organization authority or jurisdiction to adjudicate or otherwise mandate an outcome in adoption contract disputes between GPA chapters and their adopters. Although there are sample adoption contracts for chapters' use in the GPA Policies & Procedures Manual, there is no "national" adoption contract required by GPA National -- chapters choose their own adoption contracts free of direction from the national organization. No opinions regarding disputes or promises to take any action in disputes will be made by GPA National.

As noted above, Greyhound Pets of America is a national network of Greyhound adoption groups which have agreed to ascribe to GPA's values and abide by its By-Laws, but which operate independently of each other and the national organization. GPA-National cannot and does not get involved in adoption contract disputes. Second, GPA National believes that "best practices" by its chapters include seeking and taking legal advice in the preparation of their adoption contracts to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both the adopter and the chapter, including the ownership of the adopted Greyhound and the legal consequences of a breach of the contract, are made clear to both parties from the outset of the relationship. Third, legal advice should be sought by chapters as part of deciding whether to avail themselves of the remedies provided for in the adoption contract in the event of a breach of the contract by the adopter. It has been our experience that many chapters count among their volunteers or their adopters attorneys who are available and willing to provide this suggested legal advice. Additionally, GPA-National is able to make available to chapters for legal consultations, at no cost, a practicing attorney who is a longtime Greyhound adoption volunteer and who has prepared Greyhound adoption contracts and is conversant in their enforcement. This attorney is independent of GPA National, but has indicated a willingness to consult with chapters when they have questions about their adoption contracts or need legal advice as to whether there has been a breach of the contract by an adopter, and the legal remedies available to them in such situations. Chapters who wish to avail themselves of this volunteer's offer of help may contact any one of the GPA-National officers for a referral. We hope this clarifies GPA National's role in both past situations and in similar future situations.

National DOES...

GPA National exists to assist individual Chapters by providing support, encouragement, and ideas. Whenever possible, GPA National provides financial support to Chapters in need via a series of grants.

GPA National supports and trusts Full Chapters to function under the Official GPA Policy, Procedures, and By-Laws. It also uses the same premise to entrust Full Chapters to operate with the Greyhounds' health and well-being at the forefront of daily operations. GPA National believes that each Chapter functions with this in mind, and stands behind each Chapter's commitment and collective experience to fulfill our Mission.

GPA National operates with the goal of fulfilling our Mission in a positive environment, both at the Chapter and National levels. GPA National operates with a positive view of supporting responsible greyhound racing.

National does NOT...

GPA National does not operate with a wealth of financial resources, and therefore expects Full Chapters to incorporate ongoing fundraising efforts. It presumes that each Chapter accepts financial responsibility of its Greyhounds, but is prepared to assist when needed.

GPA National does not operate under a policing policy with its Chapters, and does not interfere with the daily operations of such. GPA National does not assume the debts of, or the liability for Chapter decisions regarding their Greyhounds, but will offer guidance and assistance whenever necessary to ensure that each Chapter is provided with the tools necessary to successfully accomplish our Mission.

GPA National does not condone any environment filled with negativity, pessimism, or disrespectful actions. It believes that volunteers donate their free time and efforts for the love of the Greyhound breed, and it believes that personal differences and opinions should be settled either personally or at the Chapter level.